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Rover-Landers of BC — Club Membership


Our annu­al mem­ber­ship fee is $40 CAD for Cana­dian mem­ber­ships and $55 CAD ($40 USD) for inter­na­tion­al mem­ber­ships. Mem­ber­ships are for the cal­en­dar year Janu­ary to Decem­ber.

We are always encour­aging new mem­bers to join, so if you join after Septem­ber 1 of the cur­rent year and are a ‘new’ mem­ber and have nev­er been a R‑L mem­ber pre­vi­ously we will extend your mem­ber­ship to Decem­ber 31st of the fol­low­ing year. This applies only to new mem­bers and is a one time offer.

All our club activ­it­ies which include the web­site, news­let­ter and plan­ning events such as Founder­’s Day and off-road Runs, rely on our mem­ber­ship par­ti­cip­a­tion. A club is only as strong as its mem­bers! As a mem­ber, you are encour­aged to par­ti­cip­ate in the plan­ning and organ­iz­a­tion of club events as well as con­trib­ut­ing art­icles or inform­a­tion to the web­site and news­let­ter. Please keep in con­tact with the club exec­ut­ive through­out the year to find out how and when you can help.

Note: Regis­ter­ing for the Rover-Landers for­um is free and sep­ar­ate from the R‑L club mem­ber­ship. Join­ing the R‑L club does not auto­mat­ic­ally register you on the for­um. You must register sep­ar­ately from with­in the for­um.

To join the R‑L Club:

(EXISTING MEMBERS: Do not use the below forms to renew your annu­al mem­ber­ship. Please use: Annu­al Mem­ber Renew­al)

To com­plete your R‑L mem­ber­ship applic­a­tion online and pay your annu­al dues with PayP­al select: Online Mem­ber­ship Applic­a­tion

If you do not wish to com­plete the online form, you can down­load the Mem­ber­ship Applic­a­tion Form (PDF), fill in the details, and mail the com­pleted form along with your cheque or money order for your annu­al dues, to:

The Rover-Landers of BC
c/o Mem­ber­ship Coordin­at­or
8451 16th Aven­ue
Burn­aby, BC
V3N 1S4

If you just signed up, but some­how missed pay­ing your annu­al dues, you can still pay via PayP­al by select­ing: Online Mem­ber­ship Pay­ment

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