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Rover-Landers of BC
Membership Application

Mem­ber­ship Terms & Con­di­tions

I hereby acknow­ledge:

  1. The inform­a­tion I am sub­mit­ting is true,
  2. I am at least nine­teen (19) years of age,
  3. I have adequate insur­ance on my vehicle for off-road use,
  4. That Rover-Landers of BC, its offi­cials or dir­ect­ors and mem­bers, will not be held liable for any dam­age or injur­ies that may occur dur­ing an event or related activ­ity organ­ized by the club.
  5. While every reas­on­able pre­cau­tion is taken, mem­bers attend club events at their own risk and are expec­ted to act in a safe, respons­ible man­ner.
  6. Com­plet­ing mem­ber­ship pay­ment is the digit­al equi­val­ent to my signing/executing the Rover-Landers Liab­il­ity Waiver agree­ment.
Please select the appro­pri­ate pay­ment but­ton to pay your annu­al mem­ber­ship dues via PayP­al, com­plet­ing your mem­ber­ship sub­mis­sion.
Cana­dian Mem­ber­ship
$40 CAD

Inter­na­tion­al Mem­ber­ship $40 USD

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