The Rover-Landers Newsletter & Publications Archive

The Rover-Landers newsletter & publications archive contains scanned copies of all available club newsletters as well as other Land Rover publications.  All Rover-Lander newsletter issues are copyright Rover-Landers of B.C. and may not be copied, reused or referenced without written permission from the club president. For more information, please contact the current club president listed by the Contact Us menu. All available newsletters over two calendar years old are posted below and accessible to all. We have also posted a few newsletters from the now defunct Land Rover clubs.

Current paid-up Rover-Landers club members also have password protected access to the latest year of newsletters online.  The password is available in the members-only section of the Rover-Landers forum and changes with each new newsletter issue. (Note: Unpaid Rover-Landers forum users are not Rover-Landers club members and do not have access to these newsletter issues.)

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Please contact us if you encounter any issues with our new “Flipbook” PDF reader application.

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