Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Some “how-to” articles for keeping your Land Rover on the road.

Note: Several of these articles are quite dated now. An extensive library of more current technical articles
is also available to current club members in the Members Only section of the Roverforum.

Installing Safari Gard Shocks & Springs on a Discovery 1

by Stuart Scantlebury
A step-by-step photo-guide to installing Safari Gard shocks on a 1997 Discovery 1.

Suspension Upgrades for Series/RRC/D1/Defenders

Using OLD MAN EMU Part Numbers

Carburetors for your Series Land Rover

by Andre Maier
Andre’s “2 cents worth” on carbs.

Series Traceability – By Serial Number

You can find out the exact date when your Land Rover was originally built and shipped from Solihull.

Painting Your Land Rover

by Dave Walker
Dave is bold enough to say that anyone can paint their vehicle.
“Pick better conditions than I had, follow some of my advice and you will have a first time
paint job somewhere between MAACO (yuck) and an expensive paint shop.”

Importing Land Rovers to Canada and British Columbia

Would you like to import a motor vehicle into Canada or more specifically British Columbia?

Mercedes Diesel in Your Series Land Rover?

A collation of emails with a couple folks who did this, but eventually changed to other engines for various reasons.
A lot depends on what you want a different engine to do that a stock one doesn’t do.
Fully developed kits are available, even on the used market.

Tires to Suit Your Land Rover

Series Landrover BFG tire sizes

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