Technical Articles

Technical Articles

Some “how-to” pages for keep­ing your Land Rover on the road.

Installing Safari Gard Shocks & Springs on a Discovery

by Stu­art Scan­tle­bury

A step-by-step photo-guide to installing Safari Gard shocks on a 1997 Dis­cov­ery.

Suspension Upgrades: Part Numbers

OLD MAN EMU Part Num­bers

Carburetors for your Series Land Rover

by Andre Maier

Andre’s “2 cents worth on carbs”.

Series Traceability — By Serial Number

You can find out the exact date when your Land Rover was ori­gin­ally built and shipped from Soli­hull.

Painting Your Land Rover

by Dave Walk­er

I would be bold enough to say that any­one can paint their vehicle. Pick bet­ter con­di­tions than I had, fol­low some of my advice and you will have a first time paint job some­where between MAACO (yuck) and an expens­ive paint shop.

Importing Land Rovers to Canada and British Columbia

Would you like to import a motor vehicle into Canada or more spe­cific­ally Brit­ish Columbia?

Mercedes Diesel in Your Series Land Rover?

I’ve cor­res­pon­ded with a couple folks who did [this], and even­tu­ally changed to oth­er engines for vari­ous reas­ons. A lot depends on what you want a dif­fer­ent engine to do that a stock one does­n’t do. Fully developed kits are avail­able, even on the used mar­ket.

Tires to Suit Your Land Rover

Series Landrover BFG tire sizes

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