1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

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1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

#1 Post by bodenseeoverlander » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:09 pm

We sell our beloved travel companion named “Calimero” after driving it around three continents (Europe, Asia and Northamerica). This 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 has seen quite a bit of the world with me behind the steering wheel. During the last 2 years it has traveled with us over 60.000km through 21 countries. Now it's too small for us (our Husky grew really big and we need to upgrade)

We slept over 600 days in our Land Rover while we drove from Germany through Europe to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, spent significant time in Iran before we crossed the Central-Asian countries Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan from where we went through China to Pakistan and India. Overwhelmed by India we shipped our Land Rover to Halifax from where we explored Canada and the United States with it.

I spent countless hours on preparing this car and keeping it fixed and maintained. But let’s get to the numbers. It’s a Defender 110 with a 25. Liter 300TDI diesel engine manufactured in 1997. I acquired it in 2014 with 260.000km on the clock and drove it to currently 360.000 km.

Only two times since I own it, I needed to call the tow truck. The first time it ran low of Diesel (clearly my fault) and the second time we had a major clutch issue in Jackson Hole which we fixed thoroughly. Other small issues could be easily fixed on the road, be it a bent tie rod in Pakistan or a lost wiper in Iowa.

This car can take you to many places – it has been a reliable partner if you take care of maintaining it. Before a next big trip, I would again change all the suspension bushes plus do another full check on it. Other than that, it’s ready for small and big adventures.

You can stand inside, when you pop up the top and the bed - one person can sit on the bench while the bed is not popped up. We always cooked outside, but you could install a stove system on the top of the table where we usually store our groceries in a box.

There is lots of little special things I will tell you as soon as you're with me at the car.

Features (and when I added them)
Technical Details:

- Detroit Limited Slip Differentials in front and rear axle (2015).
- Perfectly adjusted suspension with Radflo shocks built up by a rally engineer in Germany, including “open pored stoppers” (2015)
- Extec Front Differential Guard (2015)
- ARB Rear Differential Cover (2015)
- Treesliders (2016)
- Front Underrun Protection (was equipped when I bought it)
- Silicone Hoses for Turbo and Cooler (2018)
- 47 Liter GMB Stainless Steel Extra Fuel Tank (2015)
- Nolden LED Headlights (2017)
- LED Lightbar (2017)
- 4x BFG AT 235 85 R16 – (Front May 2018 / Rear September 2018) + 1 Spare Tire on the Hood
- 2 Land Rover Defender TD4 heated seats (2016)
- Snorkel (was equipped when I bought it)
- Extended Rear-Axle-Breathers
- No EGR, No Anti-Theft-Alarm

Electrics, Heating & Navigation:
- 2 Solar Panels each 100 Watts (2015 & Second one 2017)
- 2 Optima Yellow Top Batteries parallel connected (2015)
- LED lights in the camper setup (2017)
- Eberspaecher Diesel Heater with high altitude kit (2017)
- Ipad Mini and a GPS GNSS Glonass Receiver Unit for navigation (2016)
- 4 USB ports and 2 Cigarette Lighter ports (2016)
- Battery monitor
Camping Setup
- X-Vision-X Aluminum Poptop with a proper bed (120cm wide) (2015)
- Upracks Roof Rack with a Waterproof German Military Box and Two Solar Panels and an Ortlieb Drysack (Plus more space to put on additional Gear) (2014)
- Foxwing Awning with two side parts (2017)
- Three Jerry Can Holders at the passenger side including three Huenersdorff water jugs (2016)
- 1 Diesel Jerry Can Holder at the backdoor including a jerry can (2017)
- Engel Compressor Fridge (2015)
- Self-Made Box System made of very very sturdy Casemaker material and three removable plastic boxes to take outside for cooking – removable with a couple bolts (2015)
- Insulated Floor & Roof (10mm isolation material below) (2015)
- CampCover Bags for more storage (2016)
- “Emergency”-Bedding possible but small for two people – in almost two years on the road we couldn’t pop it up only one time in Georgia (the country) and three times in Newfoundland because of heavy storms. You would need a sleeping pad or something similar (2016)
- Two Aluminum Traction Boards with a foldable mount so it can be used as an outside table for cooking (2018)
- A set of “Blidimax Blickdicht” Mats to cover all windows and to keep heat and cold outside (2016)

Additional Gear that comes with it:
- Our kitchen equipment (e.g. Primus Multi Fuel Stove)
- Katadyn Kombi Waterfilter for manual pumping
- Dynamic Recovery Rope
- All spare parts I carry (e.g. full set of half-shafts)
- My complete set of tools, helpers & fluids used to keep it on the road
- A Swiss Military Solar Shower (super rugged!)
- Digital Repair Manual and Spare Parts list (very useful!)

Roadside Logbook for Repairs since we are on the road

Disclaimer: We changed engine oil every 5000 to 15000km depending on the status of the oil. We grease the propshafts every 2000 to 3000km and check all fluids and make a full-car-check at the same time. All Fluids have been changed always before it was necessary – last time ALL fluids got changed was in August 2018.

May 2017 – Changed all suspension bushes, a new A-Frame ball joint, new turbo and some small maintenance things
June 2017 – New Heavy-Duty Wheel Hubs and fixing minor issues
July 2017 – New Clutch Master Cylinder & re-sealing the vacuum pump
August 2018 – Welding of fuel tank, outriggers and exhaust after the Pamir Highway
October 2018 – Bending back of the Tie rod after an emergency brake maneuver in Pakistans mountains
January 2018 – Adjust the Track of the front wheels and Adjustment of Wheel Bearings
February 2018 – Exchange of the vacuum pump
March 2018 – Fixing of some rotten cables at the headlamps
May 2018 – New Front Tires
June 2018 - New Clutch Master Cylinder (The Iranian Spare part didn’t work out for too long), new exhaust pipe, replaced both oil seals between differential and propshaft
July 2018 – Big Service at Britannica Restoration in Quebec – we checked basically everything and replaced what was necessary:

- Transfer Box – New O-Ring
- Transmission - New Oil Seal, and “new” used crossmember
- Clutch - New Clutch Fork ( rest of clutch was OK – as it was replaced just before the trip)
- Engine-
o New Crankshaft Seals Front and Back
o Put two Gaskets to the vacuum pump
o Adjusted Timing
o Timing belt was running forward so we put the right shim between timing belt housing and injector pump
o New Manifold Gasket
o New Diesel Pump
o New Crankshaft Housing Breather (Aluminum)
o All Fluids
o Resealed the oil pan
o Two “new” used glow plugs
o New Oil-hose to radiator
o Some minor fixes like different cable routing or new air filter and oil filter
- Cooling System
o All Cooling hoses and Turbo hoses replaced by silicone hoses
o New Intercooler
- Steering
o New Steering Column
o Resealed the Steering Box
o New steering damper
- Propshafts, Axles and Wheels
o Adjusted Wheel Bearings
o One Propshaft U-Joint replaced
o New Oil Seal at Swivel passenger side
o New Brake Pads (Brake Disks, Pads and front calipers came just before the trip)
o Adjusted Hand Brake
o New Brake Fluid
- Doors
o Adjusted all Doors to close and open properly
o New Door Handle at two doors
o New Rear Window
- Electrics and Dashboard
o New LED Lights into the Dashboard
o New Wiper Boxes
o The Plastic Holders for the dashboard broke so we crafted a new metal one
- Fuel Tank: Needed a fix because it was leaking

August 2018
- Lost a Wiper in Iowa – put a new on
September 2018
- A never-touched bolt inside the bellhousing got loosened up and destroyed our clutch – so new clutch, fork, bearings, flywheel etc. – first major breakdown
- One Propshaft U-Joint replaced
- Two new rear tires
November 2018
- Misplaced seal at the steering box caused us to drop all ATF oil inside. Fixed and repaired instantly.

We have run this Defender on an average of 11 liters per 100km (that includes Diesel heating). It would not win a beauty contest - there are definetely signs of usage but also some surface rust (the inside of chassis and bulkhead are sprayed with anti-rust-wax)

This car is still registered in Germany so you would need to officially import it to Canada. The good news – there are no shipping costs involved, as I am right now in Canada (Either in Canmore or Penticton until June).

You probably know better how to work on all the import duties so I’ll ask you to take care of it. I suggest meeting at the US-border (most probably near Vancouver - open for discussion) for importation procedures once payment is done.

I’ll ask for 58.000 CAD for this well-maintained and very special vehicle.

For more pictures check www.bodensee-overlander.de or our instagram @bodenseeoverlander

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Re: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

#2 Post by withabix » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:37 pm

You need to check out the legal position, because I don't think you're allowed to sell that vehicle in Canada. A buyer would not be able to register it.

From the Canadian Government's website:

Visitors and tourists to Canada

If you are entering Canada as a visitor, under a student visa or a work permit, or are passing through Canada on your way to another country, you can temporarily bring your vehicle to Canada for your own use. You cannot sell or dispose of the vehicle in Canada and it must be exported when the time limit of your stay has been reached.

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Re: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

#3 Post by bodenseeoverlander » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:10 pm

Hi - I would leave the country and come back again while importing it at the same time properly. I'll organize a prior inspection so the buyer is assured it'll be fine to be registered.

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Re: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300T

#4 Post by withabix » Fri May 03, 2019 8:31 am

The rules for the temporary importation if your vehicle say that You cannot sell or dispose of the vehicle in Canada and it must be exported when the time limit of your stay has been reached.

Where are you going to export it to, before you import it? It would have to go to a country where it could be imported to and then imported and registered there, or back to the country that it is currently registered in, and then brought back to Canada.

Otherwise, I assume that you’re immigrating to Canada then and have submitted a Goods To Follow list to CBSA already, that includes the Defender?

What you are planning to do is probably not possible anyway unless you have Permanent Residency or Citizenship of Canada.

Even if it is possible, you will have to pay 12% PST to import it and then the buyer will have to pay another 12% PST when you sell it.

What you are intending will raise red flags with CBSA and MoE and others.

I would strongly advise attempting the importation and registration of the Defender yourself first, before trying to sell it, so that you can be sure that it can be done legally. I don’t think it can be done as easily as you think, if at all, if you only have Tourist status.

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Re: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

#5 Post by bodenseeoverlander » Fri May 03, 2019 11:10 pm

Hi - I can drive to the US, come back into Canada and fill out the paperwork at the border to import it into the country - basically denying a temporary import . Done by friends of mine - 100% legally. I will just not import it without knowing to have a buyer for the vehicle because it's a one-way for me. Worst Case I'd be stuck with a vehicle in Canada but need to leave to Germany. Shouldn't happen.

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Re: 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

#6 Post by international » Sat May 04, 2019 12:19 pm

There are no issues as the vehicle is over 15 years old. As the owner you can simply drive to the border or the closest airport and declare it (I use Kamloops) . Have it inspected and then register with ICBC. I have done it several times.

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