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Rover-Landers & Tapatalk

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:19 am
by bsa_m21
Both forum only users and Rover-Landers club members can access the Rover-Landers forum forum via Tapatalk.

To connect:
  • log into Tapatalk on your mobile device,
  • search for the "Rover-Landers of BC" group
  • connect to it using your Roverforum username and password.

Forum Only Users - you will be able to access the General and Classifieds forum sections. The club's private forum section is not accessible.

Club member, forum users - you can access all forum topics and posts including the club's private forum section, except for the "Land Rover Manuals & Docs" topic. This topic contains many very large pdf documents, so access is restricted to logging in via a web browser on your pc/mac.