**Rover Landers has a redesigned Newsletter webpage**

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**Rover Landers has a redesigned Newsletter webpage**

#1 Post by bsa_m21 » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:28 pm

Rover Landers now has a completely redesigned Newsletter webpage and "Flipbook" online reader utility!

The webpage now contains all available club newsletters going back to 1985, a few newsletters from other now defunct clubs, and some Land Rover publications and adverts.
All available newsletters over two calendar years old are available to all.

Current paid-up Rover-Landers club members also have password protected access to the last two years of newsletters online. The password is available in the members-only section of the Rover-Landers forum and changes with each new newsletter issue. Note: Unpaid Rover-Landers forum users are not Rover-Landers club members and do not have access to these newsletter issues.

Check it out at:

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