2019 Northwest Challenge – Sasquatch Hunt



Where: Near Harrison, BC

When: October 4 – 6, 2019




Hello Rover Enthu­si­asts;
Yes, its that time again. Every 3 years BC gets to host the North West Chal­lenge and in Octo­ber we will be at it again. Put the dates in your cal­en­dar (com­ing up fast) and it will be great to see some teams (Driver plus Co-Driver) step­ping up to take on the Chal­lenge.

The North West Chal­lenge is in BC on Octo­ber 5th & 6th 2019, teams will need to arrive onsite on Fri­day 4th late after­noon. This years event will be held in the Upper Fraser Val­ley area, a fun off-road chal­lenge, so tune up that Land Rover, find your­self a Co-Driver and sign up today! More details below includ­ing how to register your team (Driver, Co-Driver and Land Rover).

Base Camp
There will be a base camp, rus­tic camp­ing, one out-house, big camp fire. These moun­tains are the home of the elu­sive Sasquatch . Expect a chal­lenge on Fri­day even­ing and all day Sat­urday. Sunday will be a day of rest, lazy break­fast, awards, hugs all around and head­ing home. Info pack­age with dir­ec­tions and coordin­ates of the base camp will be sent out to par­ti­cipants after Sept 27th.

Also, look­ing for volun­teers to assist with the run­ning of the event, volun­teers will also get the lim­ited edi­tion NWC 2019 T‑Shirt and the Sat­urday night din­ner. Volun­teer­ing nor­mally involves man­ning a post or check point, help­ing with Base Camp set up, break down and gen­er­ally assist­ing where needed. Must be will­ing to be able to attend the for the whole week­end and be pre­pared for all weath­er (good & bad!) email roverlanders@​shaw.​ca if inter­ested.

Regis­tra­tion Form — To register your team (Driver, Co-Driver and Land Rover) down­load the PDF form, then com­plete the form and send it in with your fees. The regis­tra­tion fee is $40 CAD for 2 adults and a Land Rover ($20 per per­son).

Either email the form to roverlanderspaypal@​shaw.​ca and sub­mit your fees online via PayP­al to roverlanderspaypal@​shaw.​ca  OR  mail the form back with your pay​ment​.to:

The Rover-Landers of BC,
1323 King Albert Aven­ue,
Coquit­lam, BC. V3J 1Y2

Pay­ment can be made by cash or cheque (pay­able to Rover-Landers of BC)

Note: Early regis­tra­tion is recom­men­ded on or before Sept 21st and will include your 2 NWC Event T‑shirts and Sat­urday night din­ner. Final cut off for regis­tra­tion is Sept 27th. Any oth­er ques­tions, please email — roverlanders@​shaw.​ca

Vehicle Require­ments

All Vehicles MUST be equipped with the fol­low­ing:

  1. Must be a Land Rover
  2. Winch (option­al but recom­men­ded)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Soft Top / No Top must have a Roll Bar / Cage
  5. Max. vehicle width 78″ (Pretty sure we are all good there but just to be sure)
  6. Min. one trac­tion aid: CDL/LSD/AXLE LOCKER
  7. Co-Driver
  8. The area requires vehicles to be street leg­al. ie.: all func­tion­ing lights, licensed and all drivers must be licensed

Vehicle Check­list for safety:

  • Head lights
  • Run­ning lights
  • Brake lights
  • Brake ped­al – must not hit, or be near the floor on the first pump
  • Park­ing brake – holds vehicle on 30 per­cent hill grade
  • Steer­ing play – visu­ally inspect ball joints
  • Fire extin­guish­er
  • Spare tire
  • Jack suit­able for chan­ging vehicle tires and tire pump
  • Load tied down in back
  • Tow point – FRONT
  • Tow point – REAR
  • Tow strap
  • License plate matches regis­tra­tion form
  • Hard top or Soft Top with Roll Bar
  • First aid kit
  • Com­mu­nic­a­tions device(s)
  • Shovel

Event Rules

  1. A “team” con­sists of one Land Rover, one Driver and one Co-driver.
  2. A team can­not change their entered vehicle dur­ing the event, they must use the same Land Rover for all stages of the event.
  3. A team can­not par­ti­cip­ate without a Co-driver. If you do not have a Co-driver, you may be able to work with the organ­izers to find you a volun­teer co-driver. How­ever, no vehicle will start the com­pet­i­tion without a Co-driver. Arrange­ments with the organ­izers will take place pri­or to the event day to ensure the organ­izers have time to try and accom­mod­ate.
  4. There will be zero tol­er­ance for alco­hol con­sump­tion by com­pet­it­ors or volun­teers dur­ing com­pet­i­tion por­tions of this event.
  5. Dogs are not per­mit­ted inside the com­pet­i­tion vehicle. This is a com­pet­it­ive off-road event and as such may be dan­ger­ous and stress­ful to dogs.

A brief his­tory of the North­w­est Chal­lenge

In 1989 the first North­w­est Chal­lenge was held in Ore­gon, organ­ized by Doug Ship­man. The group of Land Rovers braved the wet weath­er and headed out into old snow con­di­tions, which made for slow pro­gress. Although there were no prizes for this wet run the North­w­est Chal­lenge has evolved over the last 25 years and has even been fea­tured in Land Rover Own­er, Land Rover Monthly and Land Rover Inter­na­tion­al Magazines. The ori­gin­al organ­izers Gord ‘n Per­rott (WA), Aart Van Der Star (BC) and Doug Ship­man (OR) thought it would be best to share the load of put­ting on this event every year and thus the North­w­est Chal­lenge altern­ates host loc­a­tions between Ore­gon, Wash­ing­ton and Brit­ish Columbia. Since 1989 mem­bers of the Pacific Coast Rover Club and Rover-Landers of Brit­ish Columbia have organ­ized and par­ti­cip­ated in the North­w­est Chal­lenge. Ded­ic­ated Land Rover enthu­si­asts have come from as far as Ver­mont and S.F. Cali­for­nia to par­ti­cip­ate.

Typ­ic­ally entry is accep­ted on a per team basis, although depend­ing on what the organ­izer does, you could be assigned a teammate/truck when you arrive. A team con­sists of two Land Rovers with a min­im­um of two adult occu­pants per vehicle. Land Rovers must be licensed, insured and in good mech­an­ic­al con­di­tion. A prop­er roll bar is required for all open and soft-top vehicles. Equip­ment car­ried, must be suf­fi­cient to see the team to and over all obstacles encountered, without the assist­ance of oth­er par­ti­cipants.

In recent years it has been chal­len­ging to find enough volun­teers and hard-core par­ti­cipants to pull off a chal­lenge sim­il­ar to the past, where most often the teams con­sisted of two vehicles, each with a driver and co-driver. The Chal­lenge is evolving to included more tech­nic­al and fun chal­lenges, and par­ti­cip­a­tion by new­er vehicles and com­pet­it­ors, rather than just a tough off-road event. With this, new life is being breathed in to a long-stand­ing Land Rover event in the Pacific North­w­est.

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