2019 Northwest Challenge – Sasquatch Hunt



Where: Near Harrison, BC

When: October 4-6, 2019




Hello Rover Enthusiasts;
Yes, its that time again. Every 3 years BC gets to host the North West Challenge and in October we will be at it again. Put the dates in your calendar (coming up fast) and it will be great to see some teams (Driver plus Co-Driver) stepping up to take on the Challenge.

The North West Challenge is in BC on October 5th & 6th 2019, teams will need to arrive onsite on Friday 4th late afternoon. This years event will be held in the Upper Fraser Valley area, a fun off-road challenge, so tune up that Land Rover, find yourself a Co-Driver and sign up today! More details below including how to register your team (Driver, Co-Driver and Land Rover).

Base Camp
There will be a base camp, rustic camping, one out-house, big camp fire. These mountains are the home of the elusive Sasquatch . Expect a challenge on Friday evening and all day Saturday. Sunday will be a day of rest, lazy breakfast, awards, hugs all around and heading home. Info package with directions and coordinates of the base camp will be sent out to participants after Sept 27th.

Also, looking for volunteers to assist with the running of the event, volunteers will also get the limited edition NWC 2019 T-Shirt and the Saturday night dinner. Volunteering normally involves manning a post or check point, helping with Base Camp set up, break down and generally assisting where needed. Must be willing to be able to attend the for the whole weekend and be prepared for all weather (good & bad!) email roverlanders@shaw.ca if interested.

Registration Form – To register your team (Driver, Co-Driver and Land Rover) download the PDF form, then complete the form and send it in with your fees. The registration fee is $40 CAD for 2 adults and a Land Rover ($20 per person).

Either email the form to roverlanderspaypal@shaw.ca and submit your fees online via PayPal to roverlanderspaypal@shaw.ca  OR  mail the form back with your payment.to:

The Rover-Landers of BC,
1323 King Albert Avenue,
Coquitlam, BC. V3J 1Y2

Payment can be made by cash or cheque (payable to Rover-Landers of BC)

Note: Early registration is recommended on or before Sept 21st and will include your 2 NWC Event T-shirts and Saturday night dinner. Final cut off for registration is Sept 27th. Any other questions, please email – roverlanders@shaw.ca

Vehicle Requirements

All Vehicles MUST be equipped with the following:

  1. Must be a Land Rover
  2. Winch (optional but recommended)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Soft Top / No Top must have a Roll Bar / Cage
  5. Max. vehicle width 78″ (Pretty sure we are all good there but just to be sure)
  6. Min. one traction aid: CDL/LSD/AXLE LOCKER
  7. Co-Driver
  8. The area requires vehicles to be street legal. ie.: all functioning lights, licensed and all drivers must be licensed

Vehicle Checklist for safety:

  • Head lights
  • Running lights
  • Brake lights
  • Brake pedal – must not hit, or be near the floor on the first pump
  • Parking brake – holds vehicle on 30 percent hill grade
  • Steering play – visually inspect ball joints
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Spare tire
  • Jack suitable for changing vehicle tires and tire pump
  • Load tied down in back
  • Tow point – FRONT
  • Tow point – REAR
  • Tow strap
  • License plate matches registration form
  • Hard top or Soft Top with Roll Bar
  • First aid kit
  • Communications device(s)
  • Shovel

Event Rules

  1. A “team” consists of one Land Rover, one Driver and one Co-driver.
  2. A team cannot change their entered vehicle during the event, they must use the same Land Rover for all stages of the event.
  3. A team cannot participate without a Co-driver. If you do not have a Co-driver, you may be able to work with the organizers to find you a volunteer co-driver. However, no vehicle will start the competition without a Co-driver. Arrangements with the organizers will take place prior to the event day to ensure the organizers have time to try and accommodate.
  4. There will be zero tolerance for alcohol consumption by competitors or volunteers during competition portions of this event.
  5. Dogs are not permitted inside the competition vehicle. This is a competitive off-road event and as such may be dangerous and stressful to dogs.

A brief history of the Northwest Challenge

In 1989 the first Northwest Challenge was held in Oregon, organized by Doug Shipman. The group of Land Rovers braved the wet weather and headed out into old snow conditions, which made for slow progress. Although there were no prizes for this wet run the Northwest Challenge has evolved over the last 25 years and has even been featured in Land Rover Owner, Land Rover Monthly and Land Rover International Magazines. The original organizers Gord ‘n Perrott (WA), Aart Van Der Star (BC) and Doug Shipman (OR) thought it would be best to share the load of putting on this event every year and thus the Northwest Challenge alternates host locations between Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Since 1989 members of the Pacific Coast Rover Club and Rover-Landers of British Columbia have organized and participated in the Northwest Challenge. Dedicated Land Rover enthusiasts have come from as far as Vermont and S.F. California to participate.

Typically entry is accepted on a per team basis, although depending on what the organizer does, you could be assigned a teammate/truck when you arrive. A team consists of two Land Rovers with a minimum of two adult occupants per vehicle. Land Rovers must be licensed, insured and in good mechanical condition. A proper roll bar is required for all open and soft-top vehicles. Equipment carried, must be sufficient to see the team to and over all obstacles encountered, without the assistance of other participants.

In recent years it has been challenging to find enough volunteers and hard-core participants to pull off a challenge similar to the past, where most often the teams consisted of two vehicles, each with a driver and co-driver. The Challenge is evolving to included more technical and fun challenges, and participation by newer vehicles and competitors, rather than just a tough off-road event. With this, new life is being breathed in to a long-standing Land Rover event in the Pacific Northwest.

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