Importing a Land Rover

Importing Land Rovers to Canada and British Columbia

Would you like to import a motor vehicle into Canada or more spe­cific­ally Brit­ish Columbia???

Gen­er­ally, without spe­cial cir­cum­stances, you may only import vehicles that are 15 years old or older for regis­tra­tion in Canada. The only excep­tion is, vehicles new­er than 15 years may be impor­ted from the United States. Vis­it the Register of Impor­ted Vehicles to find out if your situta­tion applies.

WARNING!! Do your research well! Import­ing a vehicles into Canada can cost thou­sands of dol­lars, includ­ing the vehicle’s value, ship­ping, duties, and inspec­tions. Use this inform­a­tion as a guide only. Make your own phone calls, get offi­cial hard­cop­ies of your require­ments, etc. Fail­ure to com­ply with the guidelines set-out by the organ­iz­a­tions below could cause your vehicle to be seized at cus­toms and pos­sibly shipped back to wherever at YOUR cost!

Start your research at the Canada Cus­toms web page. They have a whole sec­tion on Bring­ing Motor Vehicles into Canada, which includes links to Trans­port Canada.

In Brit­ish Columbia the Insur­ance Cor­por­a­tion of Brit­ish Columbia (ICBC) gov­erns auto­mobile regis­tra­tion and insur­ance. There is a brief page on Bring­ing a vehicle to Brit­ish Columbia.

For spe­cif­ic, although quite dry, details of the motor vehicle laws in BC, check out the Brit­ish Columbia Motor Vehicle Act. Not quite as rel­ev­ant, but for all ter­rain vehicles like snow­mo­biles, ATVs or dirt bikes, you may view the Brit­ish Columbia Motor Vehicle (All Ter­rain) Act.

I hope these links can help you bring your Land Rover(s) to Canada where you will def­in­itely enjoy some of the best ter­rain, scenery and people in the world.

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