Carburetors for your Series Land Rover

Sub­mit­ted to the BC Land Rover E‑mail List by Andre Maier

Well people here is my 2cents worth on carbs.


Best all around carb for the Land-Rover. Alti­tude com­pens­at­ing, able to handle more tilt angles than the oth­ers. Some have a fuel pre-warm­er. Parts can be dif­fi­cult to get but they are avail­able and I have been able to get everything. Wise owl car­ries parts and so does UK Trek and Trac­tion. The throttle shaft can be rebushed by any com­pet­ent speed shop and it’s not that pricey(about $60) mileage should be around 14 to 18 CDN


Best emis­sion effie­cent carb avail­able for the Landy. Prone to icing and vapour lock. Need heat shield and high­er fuel pres­sure to com­pensate. Best mileage from all. Should be around 16 to 22 CDN ori­gin­ally made for a 1600 fiat and sold as an adap­tion for Landy.


Used by the brit­ish mil­it­ary on the series 3 with good suc­cess. Parts easy to get. Mileage should be around 16 to 18 CDN


Amer­ic­an com­prom­ise. 2 types. best on to use is the early mod­el off the iron duke engine. 140 cid potiac and chev. The oth­er type is the chev 6 mod­el. This one has a lar­ger machined ven­turi and it can not be changed although some com­pens­at­ing can be done by rejet­ting. Poor angle per­form­ance and usu­ally poor gas mileage. Usu­ally can be star­ted in cold weath­er with no choke because of the rich run­ning per­form­ance. Hard on bear­ings and rings because of excess fuel washout. Cheap to buy and kits are read­iliy avail­able and cheap. MORE POWER! mileage should be 14 to 18 with first type and 10 to 14 with second type.


After­mar­ket good mileage 16 to 20, good power, good parts avail­ab­il­ity but not great on angles and steep hills. Needs fid­ling reg­u­larly.

Fuel injection

There are some cus­tom fuel injec­tion com­pan­ies in the US and if you can afford it I think this is the way to go. Best mileage and power. Excel­lent angle abil­ity, plus good cold and hot weath­er abil­it­ies.

NOTE: Mileage on all the above is depend­ant on sev­er­al vari­ables. Over­drive, radi­als, sythet­ics, load, speed etc,.


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