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4WDABC Fall Meeting Minutes

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4WDABC Fall Meeting Minutes

#1 Post by DaveB » Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:58 am

Minutes as emailed to me yesterday:

4WDABC FALL CONVENTION~ September 17, 2005 ~Aldergrove, BC ~ Hosted by the Roverlanders


Herd of Turtles — Scott Hopkins
Island Rock Crawlers — absent
Nanaimo Sidewinders — Dan Dahling
North Caribou Offroad Adventurers — Dave Harries
Roverlanders — Dave Blair

Welcome to the Fall Convention. Thanks to the Roverlanders for taking the time to host this event.

Motion to accept the agenda as proposed with new additions/deletions — Gord Salter/Ryan Egger 2nd - PASSED

Motion to accept the minutes from the March 19, 2005 AGM as presented. — Gord Salter/Ryan Egger 2nd - PASSED

None present.

Brad Paulin - President
I have not been available since the Spring AGM, nothing to report.

Lynn Anderson — Vice President
There has been a bit of activity in Region 2 such as the annual Stave Lake Cleanup, which was very successful.

Amanda Tarry — Secretary
Glad to see a lot of familiar faces. The past six months since the AGM has been fairly busy for some members of the association. I am disappointed in the performance of some of the volunteers, but I am hoping that we can turn things around and recruit some new volunteers.

Jarett Humphrey —Treasurer
Not present.
The expenditures for the 2005 year were presented by Lynn. The 2005 budget was presented, but no data was inserted to the comparison.

Motion to accept 2005 budget/expenditures — Wes Remple/Gord Salter 2nd — PASSED

REGION 2 — Lower Mainland — Andrea Hoffmann
The annual Stave Lake Cleanup was a success, once again. There were a lot of prizes donated and Tim Hortons showed up to supply food for the volunteers. There will be a Show n Shine/Swap meet held at KMS Tools in Coquitlam on Sept 24. Hopefully this is a successful event, to lead to others. Andrea will be stepping down in the spring.

Backroader Editor — Vacant

Backroader Advertising — Vacant

External Organization Delegates:
ORC - Kathy Whittemore — absent, no report.
Specialty Vehicle Association — Ryan Egger —This association is a great resource for government information i.e. ICBC. To be a classic or vintage, your vehicle needs to be stock, but can have added safety features i.e. seatbelts, brakes.

Fundraising — Amanda Tarry, Gerry Bolduc
The raffle tickets for the satellite phone were presented. The draw will be the spring 2006 AGM. See your club delegates for picking up tickets to sell/buy.

Membership — Jon Bruce/Lynn Anderson
There are currently 25 individual members and 158 club members (from 5 clubs). There are a low number in individual members due to the lack of organization from the last few years.

Merchandise — Ryan Egger, Andrea Hoffmann
Not selling many t-shirts, have run out of the large and extra large sizes. Would like to get other clothing such as hoodies or ball caps. Clubs should get some requests/suggestions from their members. Need to get stickers and dash plaques for the membership packages. Still have some carabineers and flashlights for sale.

Notification System Administrator/Webmaster — Brock Campbell
Not present. Issues are currently being sorted out in reference to this position.
Disscussion — Members would like a forum on the website. Suggestion to place merchandise on website.

Offroad Education — Trevor Tarry
Not present. There is nothing to report.
Discussion - Clubs be responsible for production of both Wheelin Wisely and Join Us Brochures. Amanda will create them into PDF and forward to club delegates.

Whipsaw Project Manager — Paul Cooper
Not present. Dave Blair spoke for Paul. There were two trips into the Whipsaw area. The first run was mainly a cleanup. The second run was cleanup as well as 12 signs were erected. These signs directed users to be responsible along the trail. If any clubs are going to visit this area, please contact Paul or any of the Roverlanders.

Sunrise Lake Project Manager — Vacant
No further action has been done. The site is in poor to fair condition, with garbage present. Work is definitely needed a this time.

Herd of Turtles — There are about 31 paid members currently, and 3 perspective members. Many trips were attended by members: Quesnel Canyon Crawl, Can4x4 at Apex, PNW Trail, plus weekend camping trips and monthly trips.

IRC — not present.

Nanaimo Sidewinders — Many trips: Horn Lake camp in conjunction with IRC, Rubicon trail, Tasus, Powell River, Jeep Jamboree.

North Caribou Offroad Adventurers — Currently 24 members. Trips included this year: Quesnel Canyon Crawl, Sweeney Mtn (Houston) and Greenwood. We continue community service by maintaining our Adopt-a-block . We are also working with the Vanderhoof LRMP in developing their plan and are scheduled to take some committee members along the Mackenzie Heritage Trail in late September.

Roverlanders — Members usually are attending one offroading trip and/or one show and shine per month. A trip along the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail was completed in August. A couple of trips to Whipsaw were also attended by members. The annual Trials event is planned for November.

-Show and Shine September 24, 2005 — KMS Tools in Coquitlam
-Roverlanders Trials event — Date and location TBA.

BC Lottery Corporation — Lynn looked into this and the process is too intense for the association. A specific event/activity is required in order to go through the process.

Vedder Mountain — Access is still available for 4-wheel drive vehicles. Logging will start soon, limiting the access.

Backroader Editor —Vacant
Backroader Advertising — Vacant
Delegate(s) to external organizations — Kathy Whittemore (ORC), Ryan Egger (SVA)
Fundraising — Amanda Tarry/Gerry Bolduc
Membership — Vacant
Merchandise — Ryan Egger/Andrea Hoffmann
Notification System Administrator/Webmaster — Brock Campbell
Offroad Education — Trevor Tarry
Whipsaw Project Manager — Paul Cooper
Sunrise Project Manager — Steve Dillon

Ratification of new individual members: Eli Bergen, David Smith, Giania Cormano.

Motion to ratify the three new individual members — Gord Salter/Dale McGregor 2nd — Passed

Region 2 Discussion
• Andrea will be resigning in March; need volunteer to fulfill this position
• Low attendance at Region 2 meetings.
• Past meetings were targeting for individual members, not many individual members at this time.
• Do some advertising
• Only 2 clubs in the lower mainland in the association.
• Maybe region divisions are outdated/not required.
• Need somebody to represent the 4wdabc, not clubs.
• Nobody is willing to help, usually same people doing all the work.
• Maybe just cancel Region 2 meetings and keep the representative for liaisons between clubs.
• There is a lack of communication within the association.
• Try to have Sunrise Lake runs as Region 2 runs.
• Decided that for now there will be no more Region 2 meetings.

Membership Discussion
• There is a decline in membership
• Suggestion to allow non-registered clubs within the association.
• Association has problems, let us fix them before we attempt to bring more members in.
• Need to remedy communication problem, lack of Backroader Magazine and website/notification system.
• Internet seems to the most popular source of communication.
• Need to organize and advertise Region 2 runs, i.e. BC4x4
• Region 1 is run by the IRC and Nanaimo Sidewinders, and they keep in communication.
• Need to advertise, suggestion for fliers at businesses.
• Brochure holders suggestion again, maybe self standing so not to take up space in businesses.
• Scott Hopkins volunteered to design fliers. Will send to clubs to be distributed.
• Whipsaw trips need to be advertised so others can join.
• Backroader is the backbone of the association and needs to be re-established.

- The Herd of Turtles has been asked to host this meeting. TBA.

Motion to adjourn the meeting — Andrea Hoffmann/Gord Salter 2nd - PASSED

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