Importing a Land Rover

Importing Land Rovers to Canada and British Columbia

Would you like to import a motor vehicle into Canada or more specifically British Columbia???

Generally, without special circumstances, you may only import vehicles that are 15 years old or older for registration in Canada. The only exception is, vehicles newer than 15 years may be imported from the United States. Visit the Register of Imported Vehicles to find out if your situtation applies.

WARNING!! Do your research well! Importing a vehicles into Canada can cost thousands of dollars, including the vehicle’s value, shipping, duties, and inspections. Use this information as a guide only. Make your own phone calls, get official hardcopies of your requirements, etc. Failure to comply with the guidelines set-out by the organizations below could cause your vehicle to be seized at customs and possibly shipped back to wherever at YOUR cost!

Start your research at the Canada Customs web page. They have a whole section on Bringing Motor Vehicles into Canada, which includes links to Transport Canada.

In British Columbia the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) governs automobile registration and insurance. There is a brief page on Bringing a vehicle to British Columbia.

For specific, although quite dry, details of the motor vehicle laws in BC, check out the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act. Not quite as relevant, but for all terrain vehicles like snowmobiles, ATVs or dirt bikes, you may view the British Columbia Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act.

I hope these links can help you bring your Land Rover(s) to Canada where you will definitely enjoy some of the best terrain, scenery and people in the world.

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