Carburetors for your Series Land Rover

Submitted to the BC Land Rover E-mail List by Andre Maier

Well people here is my 2cents worth on carbs.


Best all around carb for the Land-Rover. Altitude compensating, able to handle more tilt angles than the others. Some have a fuel pre-warmer. Parts can be difficult to get but they are available and I have been able to get everything. Wise owl carries parts and so does UK Trek and Traction. The throttle shaft can be rebushed by any competent speed shop and it’s not that pricey(about $60) mileage should be around 14 to 18 CDN


Best emission effiecent carb available for the Landy. Prone to icing and vapour lock. Need heat shield and higher fuel pressure to compensate. Best mileage from all. Should be around 16 to 22 CDN originally made for a 1600 fiat and sold as an adaption for Landy.


Used by the british military on the series 3 with good success. Parts easy to get. Mileage should be around 16 to 18 CDN


American compromise. 2 types. best on to use is the early model off the iron duke engine. 140 cid potiac and chev. The other type is the chev 6 model. This one has a larger machined venturi and it can not be changed although some compensating can be done by rejetting. Poor angle performance and usually poor gas mileage. Usually can be started in cold weather with no choke because of the rich running performance. Hard on bearings and rings because of excess fuel washout. Cheap to buy and kits are readiliy available and cheap. MORE POWER! mileage should be 14 to 18 with first type and 10 to 14 with second type.


Aftermarket good mileage 16 to 20, good power, good parts availability but not great on angles and steep hills. Needs fidling regularly.

Fuel injection

There are some custom fuel injection companies in the US and if you can afford it I think this is the way to go. Best mileage and power. Excellent angle ability, plus good cold and hot weather abilities.

NOTE: Mileage on all the above is dependant on several variables. Overdrive, radials, sythetics, load, speed etc,.


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